We have moved!

by hull samba on February 25, 2016

From February 2016 we are pleased to announce that we have moved to our new home, which is Trinity Methodist Church, Newland Avenue, Hull, HU5 2EJ. You will find us on the corner of Cottingham Road and Newland Avenue, next to Tesco Express.

We run two groups each week at the same time, one is for experienced players and the other for beginners and those less experienced who like to move at a slower pace.  Classes run weekly from 7pm – 9pm and cost £4 for waged and £2 for low waged/unwaged. All instruments and percussion tuition are provided.

Our beginners classes are going brilliantly, with 9 new starters in January and a new 6 week class starting on March 1st, we’re hoping to see lots of new faces at our new lovely, weekly rehearsal space.

We are keen to welcome all, we are a very diverse group of people united by a love of music and who enjoy being part of a large, friendly, social group. We have members of all ages from 18 up to 70, and our new location makes it an ideal thing to try if you are a student studying in Hull.

If you’ve missed the start date for our beginners classes, don’t worry! You can still just turn up on Tuesday’s and we will welcome you.

The benefit of starting at the beginning of the 6 weeks is that you will learn the basics so this is great for those with no previous experience, but if you have played an instrument or are musically minded, you will find you can pick things up easily with our excellent tutors. If you would like to find out the start dates of our 6 week beginners course then check out and ‘like’ our Facebook Page.

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