Brazilica 2013

by hull samba on July 20, 2013

Hull Samba are delighted to be taking part in the Brazilica 2013 Parade in Liverpool on July 20th.

Over 20 members of the group will be travelling from Hull across the M62 to participate in this event alongside  Samba groups from around the UK and the world.

The parade leaves Abercromby Square at 8pm and winds its way through the City Centre,  finally reaching Wiliamson Square where it will culminate in an unforgettable samba finale.

Hull Samba are embarking on a new chapter in their public performances. The imminent arrival of the third child of their longest serving teacher and gig leader has meant that members have been training and rehearsing themselves to lead the group for this gig.

This is the first time the group will have performed at a large public event without their usual leaders and tutors, so are excited and nervous in the face of this new challenge.

Hull Samba are also extremely grateful to Hull City Council City of Culture team for their fantastic support and are proud to be ambassadors for Hull and the 2017 Hull City of Culture Bid.

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